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Serving South Georgia since 1938. Founded by Attorney C. Custer (1938-1999).
Albany: 229-888-1105 | Columbus: 706-987-8102

Albany: 229-888-1105
Columbus: 706-987-8102
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Our Lawyers in Albany Can Help Prevent Collectors From Garnishing Your Wages

Unpaid creditors go to great lengths to receive payment. After receiving an unsatisfactory response from repeated mailings and phone calls to the debtor, organizations can issue court orders that allow for collection from bank accounts, or of up to 25 percent of job earnings. Tax liens work in the same way, and can come from the IRS, state government, or a local agency. Up to 15 percent of salaries can be trimmed to repay defaulted U.S. government debts, and up to 10 percent to pay for outstanding federal student loans. In the end, this means that up to $1,257 of your monthly salary can disappear. The good news for Albany dwellers is that an attorney from Custer, Custer & Clark LLC can stop wage garnishment.

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Filing Bankruptcy Can Help Stop Creditor Harassment

The process of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will initiate what is called an “automatic stay,” putting a halt to all creditor action. Being unable to withdraw funds themselves, they’ll need to contact your wage garnishment lawyer to discuss their options. In the meantime, you’ll be working on a bankruptcy case with your attorney. This will involve either an interest-free, long-term payment plan or a complete liquidation and redistribution of assets. Our firm can help ensure that no matter how large the debt, you’ll be able to hold onto essential items such as your home and vehicle.

Serving the Columbus Area

Having money automatically deducted from your pay can make a difficult financial situation even worse. Let a repossession lawyer relieve you of any such burdens. We recognize that you may not be able to pay us immediately for legal services, and will thus work with you to develop a reasonable payment plan. Albany and Columbus residents can call Custer, Custer & Clark LLC at 229-888-1105 to schedule a free consultation with a garnishment attorney.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.

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